This is where I generally find my supplies.  Feel free to look around.  If you find something you like get me the details and I’ll confirm that I can work with it.   

Some of these are affiliate site links to Amazon.  Although I do receive compensation from Amazon if you purchase through this link it does not affect my opinion of the product.

Polar Camel

Good prices on good quality powder coated and stainless steel items

Moonster Journals from Amazon

It's a nice leather bound journal with replaceable pages. It comes in lined or unlined versions.

Bearclaw Insulated Tumblers

More expensive than Polar Camel but it comes with some stuff.

Yeti Insulated Tumblers

Some times the name matters. It's good quality, and you'll pay for it.

Anodized business cards

Great contrast, great tool for advertising and promoting your efforts

Stanley 30oz tumblers

They are all the rage with the kids. If you need one this is probably the price you're going to pay. It looks good when engraved and might keep it from getting stolen.
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